BLUONE is an innovative aid for the transport and entry into the pool of people with reduced mobility who want to access the water safely, quickly and comfortably.

Quick: it does not need to be fixed to the ground and is easy to use. It works by making the person sit on the seat, after approaching the edge of the pool, you brake with the appropriate lever (otherwise the pool lift does not work) and the user is lowered into the water by pressing the down button.

Safe thanks to 5 safety levels.

Comfortable for the operator thanks to its small size and ease of manoeuvre. Comfortable for the person being transported as it is equipped with highly shock-absorbent rubber wheels and various types of restraint belts, footrests and headrests.


  • Patent No. 1835878
  • Regulation EU 2017/745 Medical Devices – class 1 – DM 321258/R
  • Directive 2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive
  • Directive 2004/108/EC – EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility


  • Maximum capacity: 120 kg
  • Maximum travel: 1520 mm
  • Depth of seat inside the water: 500 mm
  • Time of lowering – lifting with weight into water: 15 sec
  • Weight of the lift: 120 kg
  • Battery: 24 V


  • 4- point safety belt
  • 5- point safety belt
  • Cover
  • Headrest
  • Custom-made ramp


  • Starter key & emergency stop button
  • Handbrake: up&down controls will not operate unless the handbrake is set
  • Electrohydraulic box
  • Emergency manual pump for use in case of power failure
  • Front rubber safety stoppers
  • Additional anti-rollover feet working during the lowering
  • Pivoting rear wheels
  • Retractable leg support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • External battery charger
  • Emergency stop button
  • Average autonomy: 50 working cycles
  • 2-point safety belt
  • Stainless steel frame for in-water parts
  • Galvanization and powder coating

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