Specially designed for users of all ages who have difficulties in climbing stairs. The system is custom-made for each individual application, so it can be fitted to any staircase – either indoor or outdoor, and in houses with both straight and curved staircases. The Bibikas Special freeSTAIR system with seat is available in several different models, providing solutions to meet the needs of any user.


Bibikas Special freeSTAIR chairlifts provide:

  • Designed for maximum safety and comfort
  • Affordable and reliable with low operating cost and maintenance requirements
  • Multiple mounted solutions for guide rails
  • Remote control with ‘hold to run’ buttons & variety of seat and metal structure color
  • Minimum installation space required and seat folds neatly away to save space
  • Quick and easy installation
  • EC Declaration of Conformity



BS 130

The most affordable model of freeSTAIR chairlifts. With easy installation and fast delivery time, it is a very reliable solution for linear stairways.

Straight Staircase
Indoor/Outdoor Use
  Rated Load 127 Kg
  Inclination 27-55°


BS 180

Designed for curved stairways it can be easily installed in your home without changes. Affordable with error diagnosis system installed it offers comfortable and reliable transportation.

Straight Staircase
Circular Staircase
  Indoor Use
Rated Load 120 Kg
Inclination 0-58°


BS 80 Chairlift

It can be installed both indoors and outdoors, it is the right solution for loads up to 225 Kg independent of gradient. Due to the unique drive system, it can operate reliably and smoothly without the need of lubrication of the driving system.
Having common drive system and guide rails with the BS80 Platform, they can be used for platform installation if needed in the future.

Straight Staircase
Circular Staircase
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Rated Load 250 Kg
Inclination 0-60°


BS 200

BS200 is the ideal solution for linear or curved stairs with inclination of up to 700 degrees. It can be installed indoors or outdoors and having multiple capabilities of supporting the guide rails it is the most flexible solution of the freeSTAIR chairlift series.

Straight Staircase
Circular Staircase
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Rated Load 130 Kg
Inclination 0-70°