Heavy duty lift for goods and persons up to 1000kg

Reduce the risk of accidents from lifting heavy goods and boost productivity by adding a goods lift in your building. You can efficiently and safely move up to 1000kg of goods and people between floors. Most industrial lifts are only suitable for transporting goods such as pallet trucks and are not certified to transport people. The Cibes goods lift, on the other hand, is also suitable for people, wheelchair users, mobility scooters and even stretcher beds (depending on the size).

This makes the Cibes warehouse lifts ideal for public buildings, such as warehouses, shops, hotels and train stations.

Cibes A8000

With a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, the Cibes A8000 provides you with all the benefits of a heavy-duty lift, with the advantages of a platform lift. The Cibes heavy-duty lift has safety edges to prevent any goods from getting stuck or damaged and comes with several safety systems to ensure safe travel. The A8000 is the perfect partner in your daily operations and is therefore also commonly used in shops, warehouses and office buildings.

Goods lifts to rely on

When you are transporting heavy goods, safety is all the more important. Our cargo lifts feature several safety features on and around the platform to ensure safety for all passengers. The platform and control panel are equipped with safety edges to prevent anything from getting stuck. The goods lift complies with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and SIL3 safety standards and are delivered with a CE certificate.

Minimal structural impact

A Cibes goods lift is screw driven lift solution which needs a lift pit of only 130 mm, no machine room and requires a low top height. All of the screw-driven machinery and electrics fit inside the cargo lift. What’s more, there’s no need for a separate machine room, which minimises the structural impact on your building.

While conventional industrial lifts can take weeks to install and require major construction work, our goods lifts can be installed in less than a week. Our secret is our ready-made concept. This means that the lift is delivered in ready-made elements with everything you need for installation, including the shaft.

Fast track manufacturing and delivery

Installation in just a few days

Reduced labor costs

Space efficient cargo lifts

One of the significant advantages of our platform lifts is their space-saving design. The platform constitutes almost 70% of the total footprint, meaning that our goods lift can fit in small spaces and provide more space for the passenger and goods than conventional lifts do.

Add value to your business

Αυξήστε την αποδοτικότητα και την προσβασιμότητα με ένα ανελκυστήρα αγαθών στην επιχείρησή σας. Με το απλό πάτημα ενός κουμπιού, μπορείτε εύκολα να μεταφέρετε ανθρώπους και εμπορεύματα έως 1000kg. Ανεξάρτητα από τον τύπο της επιχείρησής σας, ο ανελκυστήρας μας χρησιμοποιείται συχνά σε μια ευρεία γκάμα κτηρίων, από αποθήκες, καταστήματα και σιδηροδρομικούς σταθμούς έως εστιατόρια και εργοστάσια.

What does a goods lift cost?

The price of a goods lift depends on several factors. Such as the dimensions, height and additional features required. When buying a cargo lift, you should not only consider the cost of the lift and its installation, but also additional costs such as construction changes, energy costs and maintenance costs. To give you a more case-specific price, we need to know more information. Our team of experts is here to guide you; ask your Cibes dealer for more details.

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