Reduce the risk of accidents from lifting heavy goods and boost productivity by adding a goods lift in your building. You can efficiently and safely move up to 1000kg of goods and people between floors. Most industrial lifts are only suitable for transporting goods such as pallet trucks and are not certified to transport people. The Cibes goods lift, on the other hand, is also suitable for people, wheelchair users, mobility scooters and even stretcher beds (depending on the size).

Cibes A4000

The Cibes A4000 is delivered in ready-made elements that can be installed within just a few days, with minimal building alterations. In addition, the super compact design of this lift model enables it to fit into very small and narrow spaces, like the unused space at the centre of your staircase.

Cibes A5000

The Cibes A5000 platform lift is an all-inclusive lift concept, which is easy to integrate with new and existing buildings without major construction work. In addition, the timeless design blends in seamlessly with most architectural styles, thanks to our wide range of colour and material options.

Cibes Air

The Cibes Air combines timeless Scandinavian design, intuitive function and natural materials to blend in seamlessly into your interior. The exquisitely elegant design, offers you a unique user experience where form and function work together to guide your senses.

Cibes C1 Pure

Are you looking for a comfortable and cost-efficient lift solution with automatic control? The C1 Pure is affordable, space-efficient and easy to install, making it a great lift solution for public, commercial and residential buildings.

Outdoor lift

Our weather resistant outdoor lifts offer comfortable access to all floors and create a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor areas, that will make your interior feel more spacious.

Goods Lift – Cibes A8000

The generous platform sizes and high load capacity of 1000 kg make the Cibes A8000 very suitable for transporting heavy and large goods. The Cibes A8000 is also certified to transfer goods and passengers, also known as a goods lift with an attendant, meaning that staff members are allowed to accompany the cargo while the lift is travelling.