High quality materials

Weatherproof and robust:
Components of stainless steel and metal enable a smooth and safe ride as well as ensure personal safety and a visually pleasing product.

Control operated ergonomics

Simple and intuitive:
Touch surface control buttons, which are also in braille, can be used for an almost effortless performance.

Informative display

Time and cost saving:
By looking at this display all the necessary information is given at a glance, for example, when maintenance procedures are due or when the status operation changes.

Stainless-steel rail

Safety and stability:
The resistant stainless steel guarantees a durable functionality and can also be used as a handrail.

Flexible chassis

Agile and versatile:
An optional left or right-hand construction is possible, 0-50° adjustable; these models allow future modifications to be made and therefore ensure a longterm value maintenance.

Fully automated safety device

Protective and comfort:
Because the security of our customers is our main priority, the anti-rolling mechanism, the contact data and the side-shift mechanism all meet current security standards.

High Quality

Shapely Form

Individual Solution

Reliable Security

Flexible Implementation

Wireless wall-switch

Fixed and possible to lock, perfect for in public and outdoor areas.

Cable remote control

Enables an ergonomic operation when using a folding-seat.

Hand-held remote control

Enables the lift to be controlled within close proximity

Folding seats

For an upgrade from a platform stair
lift to a seated chair lift.

Third ramp

In particular, when there is a shortage of space for the runners of the platform on the opposite side of the lift.

Variable platform measurement

Optimal use of space and platform maximization through a millimeter accurate adaption.

Colour choice

In a standard grey (RAL7040), stainless steel, brass, or in a colour from the RAL-colour range, the lift will fit the colour scheme of its environment.

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