in Pool

INPOOL is the lift that meets the needs of removing architectural barriers in aquatic environments, from the private pool, to the pool of SPAs, luxury hotels, as well as public swimming pools.

The ease of installation, the reduced overall dimensions, but at the same time the safety and the technical specifications of the material, make INPOOL the intelligent and responsible choice, given its minimal impact on the environment and its attractive design.

In the tradition of DIGI PROJECT swimming pool lifts, INPOOL is also a medical device which complies with the current regulations, perfectly combining safety and practicality.


  • Regulation EU 2017/745 Medical Devices – class 1
  • Directive 2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive
  • Directive 2004/108/EC – EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility


  • Maximum capacity: 140 kg
  • Maximum travel: 1350 mm
  • Depth of seat inside the water: 850 mm
  • Time of lowering – lifting with weight into water: 45 sec
  • Weight of the lift: 60 kg
  • Battery: 24 V


  • 4-point safety belt
  • 5-point safety belt
  • Cover
in Pool
in Pool
in Pool
in Pool


  • IPX06 mobile push-button panel with spiral cable
  • Up – down controls
  • Headrest included
  • Folding seat to reduce the overall dimensions of the lift
  • Removable telescopic leg support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • 2-point ventral safety belt
  • Emergency stop button
  • Removable battery tor charging
  • External battery charger
  • Average autonomy: 50 working cycles
  • Galvanizing and 180°C powder coating treatment
  • Stainless steel frame for in-water parts

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