Experience effortless accessibility – choose the perfect ramp to suit your lifestyle and access any space with ease.

Our portable ramps offer versatility in fixed, folding, and telescopic options to meet your unique accessibility needs. Prioritizing Your Safety: Exceptional Slip Resistance for Your Confidence and Security.

Your peace of mind is our commitment.



Our light and non-slip portable loading ramps, Anyramp, are suitable for a range of different applications.

You fold them up with one easy manoeuvre.


This is a portable ramp which folds lengthways. It provides a full surface required for things such as electric wheelchairs and three-wheeled scooters.

It is very lightweight, made from a durable material and is capable of supporting heavy loads. It is also certified for use with trains in Europe in compliance with EU regulations 1300/2014 and 2019/772.

I Ramp Carbon


We gave our development team the task of creating the world’s lightest ramp. The requirement also meant they could only uses the best materials on the market in order to get a product that offer maximum freedom and safety for the user. The result is our new iRamp Carbon series, with ramps that are 30 % lighter than our competitors’ counterparts.

The ramps are manufactured from carbon fibre, a material that is extremely light, rigid and strong. When you need a mobile ramp that is just right, there is no better option.