• Offers people with disabilities and mobility issues unassisted sea access.
  • A technological solution that promotes quality and wellness in everyday life.
  • Encourages integration and inclusion of all members of society.
  • Assists escorts / caretakers / families of people with disabilities.




Tower that houses the drive mechanism & electrical equipment of the device
Articulated railways (rails) and their accessories (cables, covers)
Handrail (handrail)
Traffic station with specially designed seat
Main control panel, waterproof Photovoltaic battery Accumulators (batteries)
Bright signaling
Wireless handling
Appropriate Marking




Simple & standalone use

Ergonomic Seat

Environmentally friendly

Rounded edges for protection

Energy self-sufficiency up to 90 uses

Night safety lighting



  • No assistance required – independent access to pools
  • No unterwater fixing required
  • Elegant design in stainless steel
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Runs on 4 bar household water pressure

Regain autonomous access to your pool! The poollift Dolphin is a valuable aid to get you in or out of a swimming pool without the need for any assisting person. No underwater installation is necessary. The lift is only fixed 1 time minimum 300mm away from the pool edge. No need for any electrical installation or battery use. The poollift runs on 4 bar household water pressure only! Operating levers at the upper as well as at the lower level allow simple operation of the unit. The height adjustable seat turns automatically 90° when lowering or rising. This poollift is very easy to install (and also to demount for storage matters) and is made from high grade (316S) stainless steel!