Offers people with disabilities and mobility issues unassisted sea access.

A technological solution that promotes independence. Encourages integration and inclusion of all members of society.

Assists escorts / caretakers / families of people with disabilities. SEATRAC is installed in the beginning of summer season and is dismantled at the end of it.

Product Catalog

Autonomous sea access


Self-diagnosis system
for Long distance

Environmentally friendly

Safety lighting at night time

Remote control

Ergonomic seat

  1. Position the wheelchair next to the SEATRAC seat.
  2. Move yourself on the seat and position your body in the center with your back resting on the back of the seat.
  3. Place your feet on the footrest of the seat.
  4. After checking the track is free, use the remote control (left button) to reach the sea.
  5. The seat stops automatically and the ending point of the tracks (handrail) so that you can get off the seat and start swimming.
  6. Use the handrail and the buoyant force of the water to help you get in and out of the sea.
  7. After swimming, place yourself back on the seat, in the same position as when you entered the sea.
  8. Use the remote control to return to the beach (right button) after checking the track is free.
  9. The seat stops automatically at the starting point, if there is no other command.

Remote Control

Left button to move towards the Sea (ending point)

Right button to move towards the Beach (starting point)

To stop at any time, press either button continuously for 2 seconds.

All remote controls work with all seatrac devices.

Tracks material: INOX 316L
Handrail material: INOX 316L
Carriage material: INOX 316L
Tower material: INOX 304
Plastic parts type: PE – PVC – PLA
Wooden parts type: Highly durable decking for sea and beach use
Seat fabric: Perforated, antifungal synthetic fabric
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
Current type: DC
Power supply: Solar panel and rechargeable batteries
Electric motor power supply: 12 V
Electronic control unit power supply: 24 V
Moving speed: 0.15 m/sec

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