Designed and engineered to give the user autonomy according to their specific needs. Our goal is to cover all types of accessibility and mobility.



Designed and built for linear staircases, the MS01 is a simple and affordable accessibility solution.
Suitable for indoors guarantees easy and safe wheelchair transportation in the presence of a companion.



  • Perfect solution for mobile lifting requirements up to 1400 mm
  • Designed specifically for train access
  • For inside and outside use
  • Available in all RAL colours
  • Low weight allows easy transport on wheels between locations

The vertical lifting platform PL1400 is specifically designed for the lifting/lowering of wheelchair drivers to/from train carriages. It is a modern and technically advanced product with easy operation thanks to its design and light construction. The platform is equipped with width adjustable foldable ramps, which size can be adjusted to the width of the particular train carriage doors.


SA-3 & SA-S

  • Loading capacity up to 160kg
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Suitable for most wheelchairs
  • Stable, self-supporting structure
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Lifts up to 30 floors without charging!
  • Easy to disassemble for storage or transport in a car

With our stairclimbers straight stair flights with inclination up to 35° can be climbed in a safe and simple manner. The stairclimber adapts to most wheelchairs and can be disassembled easily for storage or transport in a car. The product is very robust and requires a minimum of maintenance. With the stairclimber SA-S very little space is needed to turn on narrow landings. The particular benefit of stairclimber SA-3 is the loading capacity of 160kg as well as the possibility to carry all kinds of manual wheelchairs! Special attachments allow the use of wheelchairs with a folding detachable backrest, adjustable handle, hand brake lever or children’s wheelchairs.



  • Mobile stairlift to use without the need for an assisting person
  • Useable indoors and outdoors staircases
  • Cheap solution to conventional wheelchair stairlifts

The Stairmax is the only stairclimber worldwide that allows active wheelchair drivers to go up and down stairs without the need for an assisting person. It is used totally autonomously and helps the wheelchair user to regain independence. This mobile wheelchair stairlift can turn on intermediate landings having a minimum width of 1 m. The Stairmax is a affordable solution to a conventional platform stairlift and accomodates stairs indoors and out. It is a robust and compact lift that can be transported easily between different staircase locations. The user’s wheelchair needs a small adapation to the frame of the wheelchair.