Rubber Ramp

Being healthy and getting over a threshold is often no problem. If your mobility is reduced (eg when using a walker or wheelchair) then thresholds can be an obstacle and create problems.

Feal threshold ramps and cover plates are the solution to many obstacles. We can offer threshold ramps in aluminum, rubber and recyclable plastic.

Rubber Ramp

Threshold Ramps – Rubber

Rubber ramps with durable surface, common uses hall, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. Can be used everywhere where there is a threshold to be overcome. The ramps are made of rubber (TPE), and are PVC-free.

The ramps can be ordered with or without adhesive backing. The tape is used for fixing the ramp, which ensures that the ramp is stationary without the need to screw or drill into the floor or threshold. The ramps can be easily adjusted in width with a knife or saw.

The ramps are in height from 4-60mm, withstand a load of up to 400kg and can also be used outdoors.

Plastic Ramp

Threshold Ramps Plastic

The system is crafted of durable synthetic material and is made from 95% recyclable materials. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

The parts are lightweight, strong, can be easily dismantled, come with a 5-year warranty and are maintenance free. A rubber hammer is required for assembly.

Aluminum Ramp

Threshold ramps aluminium

Threshold ramp for mounting on existing threshold.

Provides a soft and stylish transition.