Rubber ramps with durable surface, common uses hall, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room. Can be used everywhere where there is a threshold to be overcome. The ramps are made of rubber (TPE), and are PVC-free.

The ramps can be ordered with or without adhesive backing. The tape is used for fixing the ramp, which ensures that the ramp is stationary without the need to screw or drill into the floor or threshold. The ramps can be easily adjusted in width with a knife or saw.

The ramps are in height from 4-60mm, withstand a load of up to 400kg and can also be used outdoors.

Rubber Ramp
Rubber Ramp
4 mm40 mm900 mm0,16 kg10776
6 mm60 mm900 mm0,31 kg10777
8 mm80 mm900 mm0,49 kg10778
10 mm100 mm900 mm0,92 kg10779
12 mm120 mm900 mm1,1 kg10780
16 mm150 mm900 mm1,2 kg10781
20 mm150 mm900 mm1,8 kg10782
24 mm150 mm900 mm1,9 kg10783
28 mm200 mm900 mm2,4 kg10784
32 mm200 mm900 mm2,76 kg10785
36 mm200 mm900 mm3,8 kg10786
40 mm250 mm900 mm3,55 kg10787
44 mm250 mm900 mm4 kg10788
48 mm250 mm900 mm4,4 kg10789
52 mm300 mm900 mm5,76 kg10790
56 mm300 mm900 mm6,76 kg10791
60 mm300 mm900 mm7,9 kg10792

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